Social Media traps to be avoided by businesses

For a business, its important to have presence on social media. Almost all big, medium, small businesses are maintaining their social presence. While big businesses can maintain their presence with the help of media agencies and can avoid falling into pitfalls, most of the small and medium businesses maintain their presence themselves. This makes them fall into traps which can harm them . Here are some of the traps which they need to avoid falling into:

1. Doing too much : A common mistakes which small and medium enterprises make is that they try to maintain their presence on all social media platforms. Its good to have a Facebook profile and a Twitter handle, most of the companies have these. But, before going to other platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest etc, think that whether you actually need to maintain your presence on these platforms or not. Its difficult to maintain presence on all these. Every site has a specific set of content which works on it. You will get stressed out doing that.

The solution to this is that you can cross-post your content. If you regularly post on Instagram, then you can also use those images on Facebook and vice-versa. You can also share your cross-post your Twitter and LinkedIn links.

2. Single profile for personal and professional use : People now a days use a single profile for both, their personal and professional use. There is no harm doing this. It becomes easy to manage one account than to update two different accounts. This practice is too common on Twitter. The problem comes in case of posts which could be termed as controversial. It might not affect you as a person, but might leave a bad impact on your business.

You can save yourself from this problem by keeping a check on what you are posting. If you think there is something which which might be deemed as controversial by your followers, explain it in your next few tweets. And, if you think that won’t serve your purpose then better not post it.

3. Focusing on one parameter : All of you love to have more of likes, comments on your posts, retweets, favorites. It is good to have all these, but you should never forget about your ultimate goal.

Choose 3-4 parameters which are important for the success of your business. Keep these in mind and work on these, instead of having a single parameter and see how they will help you in achieving your overall business goals.

4. Poor Planning : If people are liking your posts and commenting on them, you are surely getting engagement on your page. But, you need to know that engagement is just the part of the process and not the end. You need to have posts which will induce people to try your product/service.

If you are able to engage people by your content, you have won half of your battle. Now, the only thing you need to do is to create content that will direct your said audience to your services.

5. Promoting your company/brand : If you will post only about your brand or company, people will soon opt of your page. You need to maintain a balance in your posts, for promoting your company and giving people something interesting to share.

You need to maintain a content ratio which will serve both the purposes – keep your audience interested and serve the needs of your business.

6. One solution for everything : Though facebook and Twitter are important and every company is expected to have an account on these, do look out to other available options also. Only because a particular site is popular, its not necessary that it will serve your purpose also. Every site has some strengths and weaknesses. So, its worth seeing that which will serve your purpose.

Try and figure out what your business is, what do you want to achieve, the type of audience you need and then choose the social media site on which you want to maintain your presence.


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